ICDATA Socials

There will be a general CSCE Dinner on Monday evening. ICDATA organizes additional events for bringing people together – one of the most important aspects of international conferences.

ICDATA’19 events:

After Tutorial Meeting

Tuesday, July 30
Start: approx. 8:15/8:30pm (after the last tutorial)

„Diablo’s Cantina“ Restaurant
Mezzanine Level (Footcourt Level), opposite of hotel registration desk
right escalator (up), then the first restaurant on the right
Casual drinks & snacks

Sun Downer Farewell Reception at the I-Bar and VooDoo Lounge (open air rooftop bar of the Rio Hotel)

Thursday, August 1, Evening
Details will be provided on site during the ICDATA opening remarks (and updated here).

PLAN  (tentative)

6:00pm Shuttle Bus/Taxis/Uber to Rio Hotel,
meet at Luxor Bell Desk; be aware of the dress code (see below)

6:15 – 8:00pm
Warm up with fancy drinks, I-Bar, Rio Hotel

8:00 – …
ICDATA‘19 Sun Downer Farewell Reception at the VooDoo Lounge. There is also a Steak House there.
Shuttle/Taxi/Uber back: on your own

PRE-REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY (for planning the trip to the Rio Hotel)
see list at the pinboard near the conference registration desk
Deadline: Wednesday before lunch

Dress Code (Rio/Voodoo Lounge)

All ICDATA’19 social events are casual. However, for all evening events in restaurants, bars & clubs in Las Vegas proper dress is required. Please make sure to wear appropriate Las Vegas evening attire

– no sandals or flip flops,
– no sports shoes,
– no white tennis shoes,
– no hats or caps,
– no white t-shirts,
– no tank tops,
– no baggy pants,
– no shorts,
– no athletic or gym wear of any type,
– no t-shirts with round collar – only polo-shirts with collar are permitted.

Black trousers & black shirt/polo shirt get you in even into to most clubs.